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Know Your Gloves is run by all current and former ball players so you know your glove is gamer approved before it leaves our facility. GameDay Gloves prides itself on sending out field ready baseball and softball gloves all across the country. People have been frustrated with breaking in ball gloves for years and we have tried every method known to man from steaming, oven heat, water technique to shaving cream and a 5 gallon bucket. We start every glove teh same way, hydrate hydrate hydrate. One of the most important things in glove conditioning is the proper hydration of the leather. When the leather is hydrated, it is more flexible, will last longer and is more resistant to tears. Once we hydrate the leather fully we start the break in process with one of 7 different mallets and work the glove inside and out. This process is repeated a few times throughout the next few days. Once the leather is more pliable we then start to form a pocket in the glove by working the palm and web areas as well as adjusting the pocket laces for better flexibility. Once we put it through a few paces we apply a little more conditioner and finish up the break in process with a few techniques and tricks we have perfected over the years. Each glove is wrapped up with a ball in the pocket and rubberbands to hold the form during transit back. the gloves can be used the same day they arrive and you will feel the work performed immediately. So pick up a broken in GameDay Gloves from us or send your stubborn glove into us for that special attention.

Glove Conditioning Services

We provide professional glove conditioning services to baseball and softball players across the nation. Others try to copy our glove break in service, but none match our quality and expertise.

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